Why start trading with rock-west
Rock-West trading terminal is a purpose built tool for those who are ready to start their successful journey in trading.

You can easily make your decisions with our risk protection tool, built-in market analytics and hot forecasts without being an experienced trader.
Risk protection for traders
Limit of investment functionality allows you to avoid unexpected losses. You define the maximum loss amount for each opened order.
Zero commission
We grant zero commissions on the client deposits for a wide range of payment methods. You can find full information on the Deposit & Withdraw page.
Negative balance protection
Rock-West compensates your negative balance that can occur in case of slippage or any related market volatility.
Learn as you go
Rock-West trading terminal is the best platform to start your path to become a successful trader. You can start the learning process by doing real trades with our risk protection tool and built-in market analytics.
Regulated activities
Rock-West is a regulated Securities Dealer providing brokerage services under the FSA license number SD044.
Clients testimonials
What our traders say
First I was little sceptical promoting Rock West on my Telegram channel, but then I saw my audience feedback and realized - they are good broker, especially for beginners
Gagan Varshney Blogger, @TechnicalSupporter
I saw the potential of the Rock West from the day they asked my independant pov about the platform. Then my subscribers thanked me for advicing RW, and for me it’s the best metrics
Hemant Blogger, @cryptoyug27
I always check before making ads for smbd, I’ve checked Rock West and said “they are ready to rock”. And these partnership still goes, cause everybody wins, and my subscribers at the 1st place
Anil Dubey Blogger, @tradingcopter
Mobile-first platform
Experts with a background in fintech, banking and forex came together to create a new leader in the forex market.
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Trading revolution
Trading Terms & conditions for traders
Rock-West offers a wide range of CFD trading instruments: Fx pairs, Crypto, Commodities. We provide the most accurate prices and order execution in Equinix LD4 Data Center in London.

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