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Rock-West is a fast-growing regulated Securities Dealer company with an experienced team of professional developers and industry experts with a strong background in Financial Technologies.

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RWTrader best platform to start trading

Rock-West trading platform, RWTrader, is a client terminal with the embedded risk protection tool for traders, that allows traders to avoid unexpected losses. Best platform to start a success story in TRADING from the very beginning.

Risk protection

Limit of investment functionality allows you to avoid unexpected losses. You define the maximum loss amount for each opened order.

Learn as you go

Rock-West trading terminal is the best platform to start your path to become a successful trader. You can start the learning process by doing real trades with our risk protection tool and built-in market analytics.

Market news & forecasts

Register and get market news and forecasts from industry experts.

For professional traders

Advanced tool for professional traders

For the advances traders we provide the MetaQoutes 5 client terminal. Superior tool for experienced professionals.