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Discover successful traders, analyze their strategy and historical performance, and take advantage of their profitable trades.

Why copy successful traders?

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Leave trading to the professionals and benefit from their strategies without having to constantly watch the markets. 


Instantly copy the strategy of the investor of your choice Start or stop copying at any time. Add or remove your funds at the click of a button.without any additional charges.

Save Time

Instantly copy the strategy of the investor of your choice without any additional charges.

Automate your trading, save time and resources, gain valuable insights, and diversify your portfolio with Rock-West’s copy trading.  

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Why copy successful traders?

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Share your success and get rewarded for your performance. Easily set your performance fees in the creation of your strategy.

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Copy trades from verified experts and enhance your trading portfolio

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What is Copy Trading?

Simply put, Copy Trading allows traders to copy the trades of other, more experienced, and successful, traders. It offers a learning opportunity for beginners, saves time by automating trades and allows for diversification

Can you make money from Copy Trading?

Copy Trading allows traders of all experience levels to potentially earn profits from the financial markets. Beginners have an increased chance of profitability by following successful traders on Rock-West without the need for in-depth market analysis and research. By copying the trades of skilled traders, individuals can leverage their expertise and potentially achieve financial gains.  Although it has many benefits, it is important to understand that by copying top traders’ success, you also get their losses. Therefore, It’s important to understand the risks involved, set realistic expectations, and carefully manage your investments.

What are the costs of being a Strategy Provider?

The Copy Trading Strategy providers are not being charged.

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