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Index CFDs

Enter the market and trade on the world’s most popular stock indices like USA 500, US-TECH 100, and UK 100. Reap the valuable benefits of index trading with Rock-West.

What are Indices?

Indices evaluate the performance of a group of equities within a specific market rather than individual stocks. Index CFDs allow you to trade leading financial markets in a more efficient way without having to evaluate the performance of each individual stock that makes up the index. When markets like Wall Street and S&P 500 thrive, your indices position will also experience growth.

Why trade Index CFDs with Rock-West?

Super competitive spreads.

Access to major indices including US and Europe.

All trading strategies and styles allowed.

Fast execution speed.

Low deposit requirements.

Negative balance protection.

The trading hours for indices may vary based on the specific index you are interested in. Indices have their own designated trading hours, which may differ from the 24-hour availability of the forex market.

To determine the trading hours for the indices you wish to trade, you can refer to the trading schedule in your trading platform. This will outline the specific opening and closing times for each index.

Indices are widely popular among traders and investors for several reasons. They provide a broad representation of the overall market, allowing individuals to gain exposure to specific markets or sectors without analyzing individual stocks.

Indices also serve as benchmarks for evaluating investment performance and offer diversification benefits by including a basket of stocks. Additionally, indices are highly liquid, ensuring efficient trading, and provide valuable market insights.

At Rock-West you can find a great variety of CFD assets to start trading with, the options are plentiful.

Here are some of the most popular CFD indices we offer:
● FTSE 100
● US Wall Street
● US SPX 500

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